How to Stop Thinking About Sex

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Do you find yourself thinking about sex every time you see an attractive guy or girl? Do you really want to stop thinking that way? here are some steps for you.


  1. Develop your willpower.
  2. Don't forcefully try to block the thoughts from your head. By telling yourself not to think about sex, you are still putting the thoughts of sex in your head.
  3. Find a way to occupy yourself. You might try working out, reading a book, taking a walk, or taking up meditation. Spend some time with your friends. Watch a movie. Go out to dinner at a restaurant. While outside activities are probably not going to get thoughts about sex completely off your mind, it will help to facilitate other thoughts outside of sex.
  4. Avoid giving in to temptation. Try not to objectify an individual by staring at all of their body parts. Avoid looking at pornographic images and/or reading erotic writing. While temptation is harmless, denying yourself the opportunity can help to keep sex off your mind.

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