How to Pierce Your Own Nose

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If you want to Pierce Your Own Nose, you need to do it very carefully. I suggest you to go to a professional which will do it better.


  1. First and most importantly, read the tips and tricks section FIRST, then prepare your items.
  2. Grab an earring with a very very very small stud. trust me, it has to be really small, but if you don't have one, get a nose ring, and just use the smallest stud you have, and m,aybe after three or four days, you can change it to the nose ring
  3. Get your nail file and start sharpening that earring! I usually poke my thumb with it... don't make it too sharp, and don't just sharpen one side. make it all parallel. I usually test it by layering up a little bit of denim and try poking it through.
  4. If you have blackheads, push them out with your finger. I'm not sure yet if they lead to infection or not, but I'd get rid of the ones in the general area anyway just to be safe.
  5. Mark your nose! this kind of important... I never marked my nose, but I'm just that kind of spontaneous person.
  6. Before you pierce, take a look in the mirror... do you like it? if you do, keep it. if you don't, wash it off and mark another place. clean the area of your nose, just to be safe
  7. Don't forget to clean the earring, too!
  8. Take a deep breath, put the tip of the earring on the mark, at a slanted angle, of course, and push.
  9. Don't worry if you can't get it in one push! neither can I! just keep pushing, and whatever you do, please don't back out, even if it hurts... you want the piercing, I'm taking my time to lead you through it step by step, so don't back down!
  10. Once you're down, look at it and give yourself an enormous pat on the back! clean at least twice a day, no more than that, no less than once. congrats, and good luck!



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