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Amateur piercings should NEVER be done, but still so many people, for whatever reason, can't get the badass lip ring they've always wanted. If you have the choice, always get it done by a pro. However, If you're going to do it yourself anyway, then why not be educated?


  1. Before anything else, you should have the appropriate equipment. Mainly the proper needle, and jewelry. Though, if you can't get your hands on a professional piercing needle, then get it done professionally, or, if you have to, sewing needle. Safety pins are harder to clean than the regular or other professional needles.
  2. Cleaning. This is a very important part. You don't know where any of these needles have been. If you have a packaged pro needle, then it has probably already been safely cleaned with an autoclave, so no worries. (Mouthwash and heat can work as a cleaning method, if you're using a sewing needle.)
  3. Placing the needle in a microwave for 60 seconds will also irradiate any microbes present and reduce the risk of infection.
    • Be sure to clean your jewelry properly, too. Though more caution was taken into manufacturing it, you can never be too careful!
  4. Now, time to pierce. Make sure the area you're in is clean; Not sitting in some grungy bathroom sink. Also be sure to get your hands squeaky clean, and use gloves. Have your supplies ready, laid out on a clean tissue or cloth. Don't get any unnecessary germs on them!
    • If you have clamps, this step should be a breeze. But most people don't. Make sure you've picked out a good spot you're certain of, clear of anything you may hit that could cause damage. Check in your lip for veins. Because if you hit a vain there could be a lot of bleeding and you could paralyze your face for life! Think about it! (You could use your fingers as clamps.)
    • It's best to start from the INSIDE, outwards. Getting through the muscly-gummy layer on the inside of your mouth is a lot easier than getting through the skin first and then going through the muscle layer. If you pierce it from the outside, it'll hurt more, as your epidermis will feel it, and it doesn't hurt quite as much from the inside, but is a bit more difficult, to be honest. Hold the area you're ready to pierce, and push through the first layer of muscle with your needle, and make sure you get halfway through your lip on the first push, that way you should be through the muscle layer on the inside and only have to do the skin on the outside, which is easier.. Again, be SURE this is where you want to pierce, and have it ready at a good angle. Instead of forcing the needle through, push your lip into the needle. This will reduce the pain, and will make the whole process go smoother. Another way is to put your finger behind your lip, where the needle will come out, and push, while pushing in the needle at the same time. The pressure will keep you from feeling as much pain, and will 'squish' your lip, which makes it thinner and easier to pierce through. Also a good reason to have a clap not only for good grip is to reduce pain and make it easier for you to pierce.
  5. Follow-through. For pro hollow needles, simply slip your jewelry into the end, and pull the needle out until the jewelry is in the hole, instead. Voila! If you aren't using that spiffy gadget, here is how you do it; The only effective way to get it in can be annoying because the hole is still fresh, and tends to close up and become difficult to find once the needle is pulled out. Have your jewelry ready, and pull out the needle. Make sure you keep your eye on where the hole is, on the inside of your lip. Quickly slip the jewelry through and there you have it! Though this may take you multiple tries. Be careful, it will tend to close up quickly if you don't get it through within the first ten minutes of taking out the needle. Leaving the needle in longer will allow you to make a space, or a carving hole for the jewelry to heal in.
  6. Hooray! Now go show off your new kick ass lip piercing to all your friends! But don't stop there! Be sure to clean it well, and don't take the jewelry out early unless you absolutely need to (i.e. your parents force you, your job makes you, school makes you. Don't take it out just because it's cool to touch your friends with it.) AND DON'T TOUCH IT. That's the easiest way to get an infection. A good, effective and easy way to keep your piercing healing properly is saline solution. This is simply water with about 1/3 of (sea)salt. Or you could use the LITHA method (Leave it the hell alone.)However, this method is NOT recommend. Avoid using mouthwash and eating spicy foods will help the healing. Let it totally heal on it's own time. Some take longer than others. For about three weeks there will be a white discharge from your new piercing. That's good, and shows your body is healing properly. Stay clear away from yellow or greenish discharge. That usually is a sign of infection, and you should take that sucker out. You may see this the first day or two after you pierce it, but afterwards it could mean infection, so again, keep clean! Avoid drinking alcohol, smoking, swimming pools, or any oral sex time for a few weeks after piercing it. The usual healing time is about 2 months, but most find it heals in a month and a half.


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