How to Make a Padlock Shim

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Can you make a tool that would open a lock in 2 seconds out of a can? Yes! there is a way to open a lock - Padlock Shim.


  1. Get a good can. The can should not have ridges, so you will have to look around on the shelves. The sides of the can, not just the top or the bottom, should be smooth.
  2. Cut off the top and bottom including the edges so it is just a thin rectangular piece of metal.
  3. Cut the metal so each individual strip is about 1.5in by 3in.
  4. Cut those pieces so that you are left with some 1.5in by .75in.
  5. The goal is to end up with a thin piece of metal that you can slide down in to the lock and push the little locking ball to the side.



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