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How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair. There are many ways to layer hair from chunky to feathering, long hair, short, full head or even drastic, anybody can do it and its easy to do it yourself. Layering hair is really easy when you know how and you can do it yourself or do your friends hair .Let me talk you through my technique on how to layer hair the easy way. difficulty rating 1-5, 1 being the hardest,5 being the easiest.


  1. First option,difficulty rating 5, This is so easy but it will require a lot of courage, basically tip your head upside down and pull all your hair into a pony tail, hold the hair and secure with a hair band, the higher your pony tail on your head, the shorter the top layers will be, so if you want the top layers really short make sure its a really high pony, if not position the ponytail further down. then get your scissors and start cutting into the pony, remember to keep your head upside down and cut right up the pony NOT ACROSS, then release, easy,nice natural layers people would pay a fortune for.
  2. Second option,difficulty rating 4, This is easy but it requires a little more thought, Style your hair as usual and stand in front of a mirror, take small sections of hair (just a pinch at a time) and point the scissors to the floor and you gently cut as you move down the strands. Don't Cut STRAIGHT OFF. concentrate on the areas of your hair that requires more volume and movement and do as many as you like until your happy with the results.
  3. Third option, difficulty rating 3, feathering to frame the face, there are two ways of doing this, you can use the same technique as in option 2 and just cut down the front sections, or stand face on to the mirror, style your hair straight and do your desired parting. Now take the top section about a centermetre width ONLY FRONT STRANDS and pull forwards to the mirror, hold between your fingers, point the scissors down and trim off the ends, take off a small bit at a time because you can always cut more but you cant go back. then take the next section down pull it towards the section you just cut and cut it the same length, work your way down until all the front sections are the same length when pulled TOWARDS the mirror, repeat on the other side and when released you have graduated layers to frame the face.
  4. option four, difficulty rating 2, I would not recommend doing this on yourself the first time you do it, although it can be done (i have done it) if you want lots of volume at the crown stand in front of the mirror, take sections of hair from the crown, (you can go quite chunky with this) and pull towards the mirror, cut straight across to begin with and then whilst you are still holding the sections, point the scissors into the section you just cut and cut upwards. If you want shorter layers on the top take sections closer to the forehead (but not too close) for longer layers take sections further down the back of your head. always remember to pull the sections towards the mirror and be carefull of the hair your not actually cutting.
  5. Option five, difficulty rating 1, not for beginners but its easy to learn, you cant really do this yourself but you can do others. Comb hair flat and down, take a small section on the crown (if they have a fringe start from beyond that, if not start at the front), pull up to the ceiling and cut straight, then loose, take a section next to it and pull up again, measure it next to the first one and cut it the same length, continue until you have worked your way through the entire head. The idea is, if every strand on the head stood upwards to the ceiling they would all be the exact same length, but when let loose you actually form a lovely graduation all the way down the back in the shape of a v.


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