How to Hack a Coke Machine

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A lot of people wonder how they can trick machines only for their benefit. Some of peoples just have found some tricks or ways how to do that. I watched a lot of videos and instructions about hacking a coke machine, and here's how.


  1. One of the ways I found to gain access to a coke machine, it seems very simple. Coca cola machines which are new are more likely to work with this trick or tip. but In order you have to find coca cola machine with the LED screen, it will correctly work to have "Ice Cold Cokes" or other little messages scrolling across, which may often be found in the newest coca cola machines. If you want this to succeed, the coca cola machine Must have an LED screen. You have to remember the combination 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 in which the numbers of the buttons coordinate to their positions of the coca cola machine, which most often will be vertically. Once you click the buttons that correspond to the numbers in the combination, the LED screen should have a response, most likely the word "Error" scrolling across the screen. If nothing seems on the LED screen then. You won't hack the machiine with these instructions. After gaining access to the coke machines, the number of the combination which are above allows the users to navigate through coke machines. This is what the numbers usually allow the user to do: There are Exit or Back, Up button, Down Button, It Also allows you to Select a File.
  2. I Also Found another interesting way that allows users to get two drinks for price of one drink. This way is very easy just read on. First of all you have to find a coke machine that has a LED Screen and then begin with the instruction. If you Have the glass front cover and the conveyer belt that retrieves the drinks is very important, and without these it is useless to try to use these instructions to try to get a free drink. Once you have to control if the Coke machine has these qualities. First you just need a dollar bill and a quarter to make this trick to work. First You have to insert the dollar and quarter into the Coke machine then you must pick what kind of drink you want. After the conveyor belt starts to go up for the drink, you have to stick your hand inside the area and block the slot because the drink doesn't need to come out. The Coke machine will try a few times before it gives up and gives your money back. Then after that All you have to do, is to put the money back in again, Now select the second drink which you want and stick your hand in the slot to pull out the second drink in time.

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