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Mucus (also known as Phlegm) is a common product of the Common Cold and has proved to be a uncomfortable substance as it blocks up the back of your throat, and can affect your voice.


  1. Do not swallow it. As it may seem sensible to do so, only a small part of the mucus goes down into the stomach where it gets dissolved. The majority of the mucus gets stuck at the top of the oesophegus.
  2. Always keep a tissue handy. If you get mucus in your mouth, spit it into a tissue. That way there is no chance of it coming back.
  3. Hum. This is what many singers do so that they can bring back their singing voice. By humming, the vibrations are strong enouvh to break up the mucus.
  4. Try the lemon method. Cut a lemon in half, and put one half into a cup of hot water, and squeeze the other half's juice into the cup. This is a traditional drink which many people use today.
  5. Use medicine. Try some cough medicine (preferably lemon flavour) or use a commerical phlegm cure such as Mucinex.
  6. If all else fails, consult a doctor. As you may be suffering from influenza or bronchitus.



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