How to Fake Sick to Stay Home from School

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Don't you hate waking up every morning for school? Ever thought of faking sick to get out of it for a few days. I have a few tips I'd like to share with you, tips to make your fake sick believable enough to give you a mini vacation from school.


  1. If your a kid in urgent need to skip a day or two of school due to a big test or just wanting a few days off, this is the guide for you. I will teach you a few simple ways to get your parents to believe you are way to sick to attend school for the day, maybe even weeks. Continue reading if you feel like your ready to learn the tricks of the trade and fool your parents into a few days or more off from school.
  2. Begin faking sick the night before you don't want to go to school. This will make it less suspicious to your parents. If you've had a cold or flu before and remember the symptoms, try to repeat them that night as well as possible. Faking symptoms you've already had will help you from going to overboard with the whole faking sick situation. Remember we want this to be as believable as possible. The more believable it is, the more likely you will get the mini vacation your aiming for.
  3. When eating dinner the night before, pick at your food. Eat as if you have absolutely no appetite. When your parents ask whats wrong you can reply with I don't feel to well. Tell them your stomach hurts and your not hungry. You can also tell them eating food makes you feel like your about to throw up.
  4. If your working on homework in front of your parents, be sure to put your head down on your paper allot. This will show that you have no strength or want to do anything because you getting sick. Every time you lay your head down try letting out a tiny moan. Moan just loud enough to show you are in pain.
  5. Ask for lots of water and drink it all. After you've drank a glass or two you should ask for some warm cocoa. When one of your parents brings it to you, you can simply tell them the water wasn't helping your sore throat. You should also ask for some cough drops and throat spray just a bit after they make you the cocoa. These steps repeated a few times during the night and spread out just far enough will truly show you aren't feeling well.
  6. Wear layers of clothing around your parents and act as if you are freezing cold. I also suggest going to bed at least an hour or two early. When saying goodnight to your parents you should act a bit cranky and wanting to go to bed as soon as possible. Your parents will really start feeling sorry for you knowing its not like you to go to bed early. Most likely this does the trick and your off the hook.
  7. You still want to act sick in the morning though. When you wake up repeat some of the things you repeated the night before. Tell your parents you don't feel well enough to make it to school today. When talking to them breathe through your mouth. This will make it seem like you've gotten worse and developed a stuffy nose over night. You may even want to hug one of them and start crying while saying something like "this isn't fair, I hate being sick". Your parents would have to be really strict to still send you to school, but I can almost guarantee you are off the hook. Remember though, your staying home from school sick. So act sick the whole time. The longer you play sick, the longer you will get to take off from school.

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