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Learning to drive a car, it's not as easy when practicing to drive the motor. For advanced control of the steering wheel, it takes a little time and patience is also needed extra. Actually, if you know the science as well as tips, learn to drive a car is easy-easy. Originally there is a will, there are instructors and of course, there are cars that can be used for training.


  1. Before you begin to practice driving, try driving theory you've memorized it like anything. You also must be memorized, where the gas pedal, where the brake pedal. Because when one stepped on, you will know the consequences.
  2. Before plunging into the street, make sure first if your car in top shape. Do not study with the ailing car yes. Instead of learning to drive, you actually learn to encourage future.
  3. At the beginning of learning, you should use a large car and still use the manual clutch. The point is, do not want to direct more comfortable if learning.
  4. When you open the car door and try to calm your mind first. Dispose of negative things in yout head, Keep thinking positive.
  5. Do not get used to driving barefoot. Because it will become habit in the future, fear of each drive.
  6. It's good, during the process of learning to drive, do not invite too many passengers. You see, it can scatter your concentration while driving. Simply you just the same instructor.
  7. Do easement practicing in the field or in a quiet street, it will not improve your driving performance. Ask your coach, to bring you the bit crowded street, so your ability will increase at the time of test drive.


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