How to Dilate or Shrink Your Pupils on Command

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You can gain some insight as to how someone feels about you (or someone or something else) by observing changes in their pupils, and you can also affect the way someone feels about you by changing the size of your pupils!


Big Pupils

  1. dim the lights. Pupils grow to let in more light, so if the lights are dim, they will grow. That's part of the reason why candlelight and dim lights are so romantic...
  2. Look in the mirror. Try tensing your stomach in a variety of ways and see if it increases your pupil size. Some people can dilate their pupils in this way, although the underlying mechanism is unidentified. It could be connected to the feeling of "butterflies in your stomach" that you get when you like someone.
  3. Picture something that gives you an adrenaline rush; look for any size change in your pupils in the mirror. Some people report that their pupils dilate when they feel adrenaline in their system. In addition to dilated pupils, adrenaline also causes your mind to race, muscles to tense up, and breathing to go faster. Through biofeedback, people can learn to "drive" their adrenaline levels up or down.
  4. Focus on objects that are far away. Your pupils will get bigger as your eyes adjust to a further viewing distance. If you're doing this correctly, your eyes will feel very relaxed; if you start to see double, you've probably crossed your eyes and need to start over.
  5. Touch up your photographs. If you're putting up pictures of yourself, such as for an online dating profile, edit them to make your pupils larger. Studies have shown that when men are shown two pictures of the same women, but one photo has been edited to make the pupils larger, the men invariably think the women in the edited photos are "friendlier" and "prettier" and they can't explain why. If you study advertisements carefully, you'll see that most of the models pictures have large pupils. Don't assume Photoshop didn't play a hand in that.

Small Pupils

  1. Increase the amount of light reaching your eyes.
  2. Relax your stomach.
  3. Focus intently on something close to you.


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