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If you want to become a movie star or model someday you need to really photogenic. Even if you have no want to be either of those, being photogenic is a must. No one likes seeing themselves in a picture that they look out of place in.


  1. Very Important. Wear the right clothing when your getting your picture taken. It is true that certain colors compliment your eye color, skin, and more. If you have blue eyes, blue would be a great color. If you have dark hair, a lighter color would suit you better.
  2. If you have any blemishes, pimples etc. on your face, you should hide them with makeup. This will make your picture turn out better. It will also make you feel more confident in yourself when your getting your picture taken. It is easy to cover up any blemishes with the right amount of makeup applied. I suggested going out and buying a tube of concealer and face powder. Make sure you buy colors that match your face right.
  3. Next, When your making a pose in front of the photographer, you should relax. You should Stiff arms and body movements make a picture look out of place. Relax and have fun with it. Also remember to smile and act as natural as you can when your in front of the camera. You want to pictures to turn out long realistic and as natural as possible.
  4. If you hate getting your picture taken make yourself think the camera is your best friend. This is a great trick that really works. When the camera is in front of you, act like its literally your best friend that you haven't seen on a long time. Really try picturing it and reacting as you would if you really saw them. This will give your picture the ultimate touch. Good luck.

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