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Being nice to people is an important trait for anyone. It improves self-confidence and also makes you more enjoyable to be around. Being nice also can get people to like you and strengthen friendships. It can also get you in great with a girl you like or her friends. Being nice helps in almost every way.


  1. Give people compliments such as "Looking nice today" or "I like your haircut."
  2. Courtesy first. Always say please, thank you and you're welcome. You can also address people by sir or ma'am.
  3. Don't throw insults and don't whine too often.
  4. If someone insults you, just ignore them. There is a good chance that they did not mean the comment to bother you in the first place.
  5. Smile at people and look them in the eye. For the most part if you smile at someone they won't do anything but smile back and if they don't then maybe they are just having a bad day. It is up to you to set the mood of the encounter. Make it happy by being the first to smile.
  6. Don't use coarse language. It's unflattering. It is also a sign that you need to work on your vocabulary. The more vocabulary you have, the less likely you'll swear and you can express your feelings a little bit more clearly. Also, it is a good charisma builder.
  7. Don't be overly critical. Keep looking for the positive in any given situation.
  8. Listen when other people are talking to you. It isn't nice to just ignore other peoples' opinions and stories.
  9. Always treat people with respect. Even if you don't particularly like someone at first, they could end up being a really cool person. Like they say, "Be nice to the nerd at school because one day he'll be your boss."
  10. Don't be selfish. When you're with others, do things you want to do some of the time, but also do things others want to do.



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