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I've written a different kind of way to be charming so that you will be likable. Here's step-by-step all about being charming. Just follow these steps.


  1. Avoid criticizing other people even if they did or said things that are horrific. It makes better sense to investigate and ask questions as to why things happen. For years, people have always harangue each other which leads to future generations being subjected and passing on the concept of letting out tirades. The accumulation of the negativity would obviously lead to frustration among individuals. the shy ones will most likely avoid being humiliated by altering their situations It is possible they evade doing some things just so they won't fail on a task. Being bashful could also mean being more sensitive than others when criticized, including the ones lacking in strength.
  2. When interrogating people, keep on doing it until you are satisfy with the information you wanted. Just ask any questions, including closed ones. This is the part that gets tricky. As you wait for the answers, you should study your inquiree's nonverbal communication. Coming up with theories to help you to suggest what are the person's thoughts. With your finding, you may have good read on your subject. Then you strategise your explanation, instead of criticize, to the person you're talking to. When individuals criticize others, they hastily make comments with their emotions giving them momentum to express their thoughts. I perceive people are able to control their voice when their minds are working to form concepts.
  3. Always think of a possible solution share. It's not much fun to be told about something that you did incorrectly. Thus, stating a solution, even if it's far-fetch to happen or you have a vague idea on what could've been differently. m

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